Dive Courses

Scuba Duba Doo offers the full range of PADI courses. We can also help organize your I.D.C (instructor development course) for you while you are here in Bali. All the academics of our courses are held in our purposely designed, fully equipped, air-conditioned scuba school. Our courses are listed below.

PADI Courses

Snorkeling Safari

An experienced guide will introduce you to the splendor of the coral, fish, and plant life from the surface. Floatation devices are available for those less confidant in water.

Introductory Dives

Experience scuba diving  in one day and see the spectacular underwater world with our qualified instructors, and dive masters. Ideal for those that do not have enough time for a full open water course, or just want to experience Scuba for the first time in a safe professional environment.

PADI Open Water Course

The PADI Open Water Course is a 3 to 5 day course that will permit you to dive anywhere in the world with or without the assistance of a qualified professional.

This course is of the same structure whether you take it in England, Japan, Thailand or Bali. Only the quality of the diving and that of the instruction will vary.

PADI Advanced Open Water

Entry level certification required

If you already have your diving certification, be it PADI, NAUI, CMAS, or any recognized diving qualification, and you want to further your diving knowledge and experience, the PADI advanced course is ideally suited you. Giving you the opportunity to try 5 different diving experiences while under the supervision of an instructor.

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During the 2 to 3 day  PADI advanced course you will be participating in 2 core dives and a choice of 3 elective dives.

The core dives consist of:

  1. A deep dive (deeper than 18 meters or 60 feet) so you can experience diving to deeper depths under controlled conditions
  2. A navigation dive,  at the end of which you will know how to successfully navigate your way around any dive sight and find your way back to your starting point.

The 3 elective dives can be chosen from a wide variety of specialty dives including:

  • Boat
  • Naturalist
  • Photography
  • Drift
  • Night
  • Wreck diving
  • Multilevel
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Search and Recovery

PADI Rescue Course

Advanced Certification Required

The PADI Rescue Course requires you to have Advanced Certification and be trained in First Aid and EFR (Emergency First Response), which can be done concurrently with this course. It is designed for those divers who want to learn how to be more self-reliant in the water. 

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It also teaches you how to prevent diving incidents from occurring and the safest ways to deal with them when they do. This is a natural progression for the divers who are thinking about diving with just their buddies and not always under the direct supervision of a diving professional.

PADI Dive Master Course

Rescue Certification Required

PADI Dive Master course, this is the entry level course for the diving professional. At the end of this course you will be registered by the world’s largest diving organization, a qualification that will allow you to be paid to work in the diving industry, assist instructors on courses, and lead dive tours. Often considered by those who have taken the course to be the best move they ever made. It can literally change your life and life style.

PADI Speciality Course

Entry Level OR Advanced Certifications Required

Specialty Courses are available for all the diving experiences offered in the advanced course. We offer the following specialty courses:

Underwater Photography, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Drift Diver, Wreck Diver, Naturalist, Multilevel, Boat, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Navigation, Equipment and more!

All Courses include: 

Qualified PADI instructor, equipment, PADI manual, logbook, lunches, PADI insurance, transportation, and certification upon completion. There are no hidden costs or extra charges. Please contact us for any information.